Where Are They Now? The 2007 Devil Rays

As many baseball fans are aware, the Tampa Bay Rays have had a high degree of roster turnover to go with their image makeover.  In 2007, they were the Devil Rays, and still a late-night punchline, with an assortment of less-than-great players.  Here is where some of the players on last year’s team were a year ago, and where they are now:

Jae Weong Seo:
2007: Fifth starter
2008: Kia Tigers, Korean Baseball Organization

Casey Fossum:
2007: Fourth starter
2008: Pittsburgh Pirates minor leagues

Brian Stokes:
2007: Setup man/closer
2008: New York Mets minor leagues

Shawn Camp:

2007: Middle reliever/setup man

2008: Toronto Blue Jays minor leagues

Greg Norton:

2007: Starting first baseman/designated hitter

2008: Seattle Mariners minor leagues

Nothing personal against these players, this just goes to show how much the Rays roster has improved this season.  We had too many borderline and minor league caliber players before, whereas now we finally have a Major League Baseball team.  I could also go in depth on 2006 Devil Rays such as Aubrey Huff, Toby Hall, and Chad "This Organization Is Horse (Expletive)" Harville, but I’ll save it for when we beat their teams.  Until next time, go Rays.


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