My New Favorite Sportswriter

I thought I would come back here on a nice Saturday afternoon to reveal my latest discovery: sportswriter Amy K. Nelson, who covers baseball for  I first saw her on TV in the broadcast booth during Thursday’s Indians-Mets game.  My first impression was that she should be on TV more often.  She’s certainly not bad looking, and she also has a very clear and precise talking style that can translate to TV broadcasting.  But she also seems to have her baseball knowledge down.  She surprisingly picked the Braves to win their division–not only that, but she boldly stated that the Mets would finish in third place.  On the Rays front, Amy wrote this story on Carl Crawford and this season’s new optimism.  She covers the little things that most media types overlook, as well as in-depth looks at some of the major headlines.  I see in her archive that she doesn’t spend too much time in a Northeast-centric alternate reality like some people do.  She has done reports on everything from friends on rival teams and the lighter side of the game to steroids and death, and they all come off very well and show a little originality in her reporting.  I read very few sportswriter columns because I think they’re all pretentious elitists, but whenever I go to from this point on, I’ll be searching for articles by Amy K. Nelson.

In Rays news, they beat the Yankees 4-1 at Steinbrenner Field behind Matt Garza (3 IP, H, 2 BB, 4 K), Carl Crawford (2 stolen bases), and home runs by Jonny Gomes and catcher Hector Gimenez.  David Price made his Grapefruit League debut and hit catcher Francisco Cervelli with a pitch, but also struck out the side with no hits or walks.  The team had, for the most part, a very productive game today.  In other news, the Braves lost twice.  Hopefully they buck that trend by next week when I’m at Champions Stadium.  Until next time, go Rays.


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