The big announcement has been made, according to The Tampa Tribune…

Evan Longoria=Durham Bull.

Why the **** would they make this move?  Besides money and waiting out arbitration another year, there is no sufficient reason.  Sure, Longoria has slightly fallen to a .262 average this Spring while Eric Hinske is hitting .372, but why not just go ahead and get him adjusted now?  Why, exactly, would you send him to Durham for two weeks and block a roster spot there when he could be in Tampa Bay from day one?  The move makes very little sense.  I’ll have more once the news spreads.

As long as Longoria is going to AAA, I beg of the Rays to please start Eric Hinske at third base until he is called up.  If they start Willy Aybar, they’re idiots.  Hinske has been very good so far, and if not Longoria, then it should be him.  Longoria will be up in April anyway.  Though I thought the cheap Rays ownership died with Vince Naimoli’s departure.  So, until next time, go Rays and Bulls.


One comment

  1. Jaq

    Yeah Javy’s callin’ it quits and Smoltz is all but officially going to start on the DL.

    Longoria will show up in Tampa soon enough I believe. Sometimes guys spend a little time in Triple A just to get that last bit of prep before the year is in full swing. I look forward to seeing him contribute soon.

    Aybar…man that guy make me nervous. He was nothing but trouble in Atlanta. If he puts his demons behind him, he’s talented and young enough to be a big help.

    Keep the posts up! Enjoyin’ it.


    JB in ATL

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