Quick Picks For 2008 Playoffs

So right before the Atlanta Braves open up Nationals Park against…well, the Nationals, I’ll go ahead and post my quick picks for division and Wild Card winners for 2008.  Then it’s off to ESPN to watch the Braves beat–err, play–Washington, with much optimism and anticipation.  So here we go:

National League:

East: Braves (Second Place: Mets)

Central: Cubs (Second Place: Brewers)

West: Dodgers (Second Place: Diamondbacks)

Wild Card: Diamondbacks

American League:

East: Red Sox (Second Place: Yankees)

Central: Tigers (Second Place: Indians)

West: Angels (Second Place: Mariners)

Wild Card: Indians

So it looks very similar to last year in many ways.  Of course, there are many contending teams (Brewers, Mariners, Rockies, etc.) that I narrowly left out.  I doubt I’ll get them all right knowing the unpredictability of most of the league, but I hope for the sake of bragging rights that I am.  Especially about the Braves.  Tonight, go Braves, and until next time, go Rays.


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