You Say Yes, I Say No

Now that the Rays have the day off, it’s time to scrounge for news to report.  Updates will probably become less frequent once the season is past its opening period, but today I didn’t have to go too far to make one.  It has been reported on that Carl Crawford’s 2009 option has been picked up, and Rocco Baldelli’s was not.  Crawford’s salary next year will be $8.25 million, which is far more worth the money than the $2.5 million buyout that they didn’t take.  He is, of course, celebrating the news.

“I’m very happy.  I
would like to thank the Rays’ organization and [principal owner] Stu
Sternberg for believing in me. I’m grateful for the opportunity for
this day. I’m looking forward to being here for a long time, because I
think we’re at the start of something great going on here. I want to do
well for them and represent the team in a classy manner.”

That would be Crawford’s statement on the 2009 option pickup.  There is still one for 2010, worth $10 million, that they can use as well.  Meanwhile, the Baldelli news was expected for the last few weeks as he is on the disabled list with a career-threatening, at worst, chronic fatigue disorder.  They could still negotiate a new deal if and when he does return, so it may not be quite over yet.  The main factor, of course, is how Baldelli recovers.  Nobody knows how it will end up.  The same can be said for this season, for which Cowbell Kid predicted 89 victories, while an elderly fan at FanFest thought it could be 93.  We can start at two when the Rays face the Orioles tomorrow.  Until then, go Rays.


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