St. Petersburg Sweep Time Again

The Rays have managed to capture yet another exciting sweep at Tropicana Field, wrapping it up with an 8-5 victory in today’s game, in which Rays hitters joined many others by using pink bats for breast cancer awareness.  Andy Sonnanstine had a merely average pitching performance, but the offense jumped from mediocrity to excellence, scoring three times in the first inning and later taking the lead for good on Carl Crawford’s three run home run to right field.  This blast topped off a two stolen base performance, and Cliff Floyd returned with two singles and two RBI in his first Rays home game.  Troy Percival shut down his former team twice, once dodging a scare from an error caused by Crawford colliding with Jason Bartlett, to earn a pair of saves over the weekend.  By consecutive 2-0 scores behind Shields and Kazmir, then 8-5 today, the Rays picked up their third sweep of the season.  And what a time to hit this streak–the Yankees come to Tampa Bay tomorrow to begin a four game series that will test the Rays’ durability and fighting spirit.  If they sweep that series on top of everything else, they will unquestionably be the top story in the baseball world.  Let’s see to it that it happens and that the Yankees and all their bandwagon fans get run out of here like Joe Torre got run out of New York.

I would also suggest, on top of going to Rays games to drown out visiting fans in support of our team, voting for the 79th All Star Game, which takes place on July 15th.  I’ve been voting, and I encourage every fan to vote all 25 alloted times on and at stadiums whenever possible.  I would especially like it if people voted for Rays players across the board in the American League.  (You can write in Evan Longoria and/or Eric Hinske, like I have.)  And while you’re at it, pick some Braves in the National League, they deserve it too.  There are unheralded Rays (and Braves) who need support for a trip to New York to participate in this historic event.  We have the power to let them go, so we should use it.  Until next time, go All Star Rays.


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