We Win And Win Again

This Rays team has continued winning at home and setting new records by the week.  After this weekend’s series victory over the White Sox, they finished this ten game homestand at 8-2, the best three series homestand record in franchise history.  Now it’s up to Boston on Tuesday night to begin a critical three game series with the Red Sox.  The Rays have done a great job holding on to first place, but to cement their status, they’ll have to beat the enemy in their house.  After seeing the great pitching of James Shields and Scott Kazmir, along with the walk-off home runs from Cliff Floyd and now Gabe Gross, I think it’s an attainable goal.  The Red Sox have played very well too, so it’s just a matter of who runs out of energy first.  Boston plays in Baltimore tomorrow, while the Rays have a travel day.  Advantage: Rays.

One Boston player should be congratulated here: Manny Ramirez, on his 500th home run.  He hit it in Baltimore off Chad Bradford deep into the right center field seats.  He hit number 501 today, but I think he’s due for a cold streak.  Through the Boston series and beyond, go first place Rays.

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