All Star Voting, Waterfront Stadium

On this Rays off day — very rare these days — I'll be telling you, Rays fans and otherwise, about some interesting upcoming events.

First, the All Star Game takes place at Yankee Stadium on July 15.  I think it's time to vote for some Rays, or at least erase some of the excessive big market influence that has infiltrated this baseball tradition.  Some very deserving players are being shortchanged in the voting for this game (B.J. Upton, anyone?) and they need fan support.  We should start giving them this support.  I've already started, and hopefully others join me in this cause.  Vote today, and vote Ray.  And by the way, if Chipper Jones doesn't start, I'm starting a riot.

Another major event in progress is the legal process with the city of St. Petersburg to approve the deal on the impending Waterfront Stadium project.  Go to for more information on the project and how to support it.  I'm entirely behind it, and I think there is no reason not to be.  As a matter of fact, no offense to any other Rays fans, I believe that at this point, anyone who doesn't support Waterfront Stadium is an idiot.  The funding is right there in place, the land is available, and there is a growing demand for this new, sustainably built, fan–friendly stadium to be constructed and opened.  Who wouldn't want to see it open and continue to watch the team and its fanbase grow?  The Rays can use this new ballpark, as it should be very comfortable for an open–air Florida stadium, and in many ways an upgrade over their current home.  So get behind it, urge on the city council and vote for it (if you live in St. Petersburg), and and watch the excitement unfold.

I just thought I would get these opinion pieces/fan requests out of the way before the series in Boston starts.  I should be back soon with more on that battle for supremacy, and until then, go Rays.


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