Ken Griffey, Jr.

Today I take some blog space to congratulate Cincinnati's Ken Griffey, Jr. on becoming the sixth player in MLB history to hit 600 home runs.  I'm not sure Sammy Sosa really belongs on there, and there will always be questions about Barry Bonds.  But with all that he's been through, all the second–generation, first overall Draft pick hype, then the injuries and inquiries about what he had left, and the way he has always gone about playing the game, Griffey forever deserves to be on that elite list of players.  He truly is one of the all time greats of this game.  A five–tool superstar in his earlier years, and one of the most exciting players in my lifetime (since 1987, the year he was drafted), the younger Griffey could have been at 700 home runs by now had his health remained steady.  Even so, 600 is quite an accomplishment.  So once again, congratulations Ken Griffey, Jr.


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  1. cubsjunkie2

    I agree. Congrats Griff.I think you’re completely right: Chicago is a better team than Atlanta. I mean, with scores of 10-5 and 7-2. 8 strikeouts one night and 11 the next? The Braves gatta pull it together if they think they’ll keep us from sweeping.And man, Tampa has got to step it up to take Boston in their division. And if they wanna beat us ;]- Stephanie

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