Hey, ESPN: Bite Me

These networks know how to drive me up the wall sometimes.  And now they have done it again, wrongfully and unjustly, by bashing Rays fans where it wasn’t warranted.

I was on the phone with my dad, and he told me that this morning’s edition of “SportsCenter” angered him so much he turned it off.  Apparently, an anchor (Josh Elliott?) on the Saturday morning show stated, flat–out, that the Rays’ crowd in the Friday night win over the Marlins was “pathetic.”  You think that’s really pathetic?  Well, here are the facts.  The attendance totaled 19,312, which is actually slightly above the season average to this point.  Sure, it was Friday night, but the key to the smaller crowd was that it was severely storming in Pinellas County for several hours before and during the game.  There were funnel clouds off the coast of St. Petersburg Beach and some areas were hit with three inches of rain per hour.  Lightning strikes were also being reported in droves.  Who wants to leave their homes to do anything in those storms?  19,312 loyal fans did, and they should be respected, not buried.  Read a freaking weather forecast before speaking on national TV.  Wrongly and intentionally humiliating Rays Nation in front of the entire country was a horrible thing to do from a PR standpoint and from an objective broadcasting position.  Now that’s pathetic.

ESPN is wrong, the anchor who said this is wrong, and the worst part is that the Rays get cheapshotted all the time.  This was only the latest incident.  We recently had John Kruk openly defending the Boston Red Sox in their fight with the Rays, saying Tampa Bay was in the wrong.  Sorry John, but we don’t need anyone from the 1993 Phillies telling us who’s right and wrong.

Now I guarantee you that, barring more severe weather, 30,000 fans will show up for Latino Heritage Night tonight at Tropicana Field.  Show your support, Rays fans, and prove those Northeast-centric networks wrong again.  Until next time, go Rays.


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