We Rule the World With Tooth and Nail

After all the hype, all the newfound Rays coverage, all the optimism and doubts… it has happened again.  The Tampa Bay Rays have officially swept the Boston Red Sox by final scores of 5–4, 3–1 and 7–6.  The Rays now lead their division by 3½ games.  Indeed, Raysmania has taken over.  And this is far from the end of it.

Now thinking about all those times that networks such as ESPN put over the Red Sox, the Yankees, even the Blue Jays ahead of the Rays for weeks on end into this season, we have been vindicated.  We talked before the season about how good this team could be (and they have even exceeded those expectations), and the optimism was higher than ever before.  At this point — yes, it is July — we can still say we were right and then some.  The Blue Jays have perennially disappointed Canada since 1995, the Yankees are old guys and older news, and the Red Sox are faltering.  I’m going back to Tampa very soon and then will be busy moving to another apartment and then going back to school, but even then I will be looking to throw together enough money to see more Rays games.  This team is now 20 games over .500 and even on the minds of long–time doubters.  All of the horrendous losing of the previous ten years is behind us — it died with the Devil Rays name.  Now it’s time to dismantle whatever is left of the Royals and keep the train moving.

I’ll be using the off day to throw it all in the faces of those rival fans.  And Jonathan Papelbon.  Where was he?  Probably in Argentina with Hitler and Tupac.  I wouldn’t mind it if he stayed there.  In one final bit, Evan Longoria should now be the Rookie of the Year.  He proved in this Red Sox series that he has outperformed Jacoby Ellsbury, and voters should remember this when the ballot arrives.  Until next time, celebrate good times and go first place Rays.


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