Evan Longoria Is An All Star

I have been away from Rays blogging recently, as I have been preparing for a move to a new apartment.  This doesn’t mean I haven’t been following the Rays, of course.  As a matter of fact, I would have had time for one or two posts if I hadn’t been so busy voting for Evan Longoria in the Final Vote for the upcoming All Star Game.  I probably sent between 500 and 600 ballots.  My dad threw in over 300 more.  In the end, it all paid off as Longoria defeated close runners up Jermaine Dye and Jason Giambi with a record 9,000,000 votes and officially became an All Star.  For a rookie, this is a monumental accomplishment.  Same goes for the Rays, who now send Longoria with two other players, Scott Kazmir and Dioner Navarro, as the first trio to represent Tampa Bay in the same All Star Game.  So congratulations to him, as well as to National League winner Corey Hart.

Never mind that the Rays have lost four games in a row, they have to win sometime soon.  They’re not, you know, that Devil team anymore.  So until next time, go Rays.


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