National Television

The divisional lead remains about the same for the Rays as they have returned to the road and kept the pressure on.  After winning the Angels series, they defeated the White Sox 9–4 in Chicago to start this well–publicized weekend series.  Carlos Pena and Ben Zobrist hit home runs, and between those was sandwiched a milestone: Rocco Baldelli took Octavio Dotel deep into the left field bullpen for his first MLB home run since May 3, 2007.  If he wasn’t officially back before, he is now.  Congratulations on this achievement, Rocco.  Now please give us a few more like that one.

Now it’s time to show the rest of America what the Tampa Bay Rays have been doing this season.  Their first FOX game of the season will be regionally broadcast today, followed by a national telecast tomorrow on TBS.  This will give the team much needed exposure and, hopefully, an adjustment to the national spotlight.  The FOX crews are also going out to Tropicana Field, I believe for the very first time, next week.  Now is the perfect time to keep on winning and display our skills to everyone else out there.  Andy Sonnanstine is about to go for his 14th win, which would tie the franchise record.  Pena has been hitting like it was August 2007 rather than 2008.  The bullpen has been holding up well too — when the guy with the highest ERA, Trever Miller, would have been the best reliever last season, it speaks volumes to the improvement of this team.  And until we show everyone else who doesn’t watch ESPN games, go Rays.



  1. dcrocker

    The 2008 Rays remind me alot of the 1969 miracle Mets. Great pitching, stellar defense, clutch hitting, come from behind wins like today winning 5-3 over the Whipped Sox. The key to winning it all is to take one inning at a time and focus. Congrats to Rocco on making it all the way back. The Rays as of this moment are the best team in baseball. Just check the win pct. I CHALLENGE ALL THE RAYS FANS TO SELL OUT THE TROP NEXT HOMESTAND. BRING YOUR COWBELLS AND HAVE A RAY BLAST.

  2. cfan4ever

    HEY, great blog. I’m a huge baseball fan, and although I have my own favorite team, I love to watch the Rays play. I live in the Midwest, so I really only see them on Baseball Tonight.
    I have to point something out, though. Although the Rays have not been in the national spotlight many times this season, they are all anyone talks about. Even if they aren’t on ESPN, they are still the talk of baseball.

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