Steelers 27, Cardinals 23

The Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Arizona Cardinals (unrelated to the MLB St. Louis Cardinals — though they did once share the city) 27–23 to win Super Bowl XLIII in Tampa’s own Raymond James Stadium.  The game was decided by a few close calls and an amazing Pittsburgh defensive touchdown at the end of the first half.  Congratulations Steelers on that sixth Super Bowl championship.  You’re really picking up the Pirates’ slack.  But I must say that I sympathize with Cardinals fans.  Our Tampa Bay Rays were improbably on the big stage in Tampa against a Pennsylvanian team, just like they were.  Coincidence?  You decide.  (Joe Maddon also happens to be a lifelong Cardinals football fan.)  And just like the Rays, Arizona made a good effort to win all the hardware, but were stopped just a bit short by the forces of the north.  They played a great game in many aspects and looked like champions.  So despite the loss, Cardinals fans have a lot to look back on and celebrate about 2008, like we do with the Rays.  Display that NFC championship gear proudly when it comes time to defend that title.  Just have fun with the whole experience while it’s there.  It truly was a great season.

Now that the Steelers have won another Super Bowl, football gives way to baseball as Spring Training quickly approaches.  That is what it is all about until October.  Except maybe in Pittsburgh.  Less than two weeks now until FanFest, and until next time, go Rays. 


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