I Am an Actual Sportswriter Now

OK, so it’s for the college newspaper, but it pays and gets published, plus I like the job.  I am now on the sports writing staff for The Minaret, the University of Tampa’s official publication.  I have written my first blog entry, with more to come soon, at http://minaretsports.wordpress.com.  I will be contributing regularly as a blogger and a reporter.  I’ll see if I can cover Rays FanFest next week.  That would be a fun article to write.

Until next time, go Rays (and Spartans).


One comment

  1. raysrenegade

    Congrats on that college gig.

    Hey, I did it for 4 years in Gainesville and the college paper can lead to some great after school options. I will see you at Fan Fest, and don’t forget to go up and hug the trophy.

    Just be yourself and have fun with it and you will be great at it. Heck, you even got one of the best baseball teams right there in your backyard too. U of T has always been a force in Division II. Lou Pinella played for them.

    Rays Renegade


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