Fernando Perez Out Three Months

Ladies and gentlemen, the announcement nobody has been waiting for… “Heeeeere comes the injury bug!”

Fernando Perez, the blazing fast outfielder expected to make the Opening Day roster, is making a trip to the Opening Day disabled list.  He will be sidelined for about three months due to a dislocated wrist suffered in the Rays’ March 11 win over the Blue Jays.  His glove was caught in the grass as he dove for the ball, pulling the wrist out of its socket and creating this worst–case scenario.  Had the wrist been broken, a plate inserted between the bones would have healed it in about one month’s time.

Perez will now be out until June, taking the one fast reserve outfielder the Rays had out for the season’s first few months.  We are now thankful that they signed Gabe Kapler and kept up their solid outfield depth.  (Kapler, by the way, hit a home run in today’s 3–2 win over the Phillies.)

So with Fernando left to strengthen those running legs until he can swing the bat, the Rays started their road to recovery with the aforementioned win over Philadelphia.  James Shields pitched four outstanding shutout innings, and Carl Crawford stole third base to give us the idea that the lightning speed of Carl has returned.  All of those hamstring workouts are starting to pay off.

I would like to once again announce that I will be in Kissimmee on March 21 to watch the Braves destroy face the Mets.  I am still searching for Rays games that I actually have the time to get to.  So until next time, go Rays.


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