Josh Beckett Gets What He Deserves

Josh Beckett, the ace of the Boston Red Sox, was deservingly suspended for six games and fined for throwing at the Angels’ Bobby Abreu after he had called timeout, then screaming at manager Mike Scioscia and instigating a fight.  Abreu went undisciplined, which makes sense because he started nothing and threw no punches.

Beckett should have known better than to do that at anytime to anyone, let alone to the Angels, who were emotionally charged from the recent death of Nick Adenhart.  He threw at the guy’s head for stepping out of the batter’s box, then fired verbal shots when the Angels called him out.  It’s good to see Major League Baseball finally holding the Red Sox accountable.  It’s a small bit of vengeance for the way they mishandled the James Shields–Coco Crisp incident.  Good thing Crisp is in Kansas City now, or I would still be calling for his head.

Until next time, go Bob Watson.


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