Winning and Losing, Mostly the Latter

“Drop this series, move on to the next one” has been the Rays’ unwelcome motto lately.  They have not won one series all season since the first one in Boston.  They certainly haven’t swept anybody.  They have suffered losses of all types and sizes, finishing their first homestand dismally at 2–5 and dropping two out of three games in Seattle.

The win in Seattle was an easy 9–3 cruise behind Jeff Niemann, who pitched the first four innings perfectly and did well enough to pick up the win behind a briefly awakened offense.  They lost two close ones, including a 1–0 defeat on a leadoff home run by Ichiro off James Shields.  They could have won both of those games with a comeback against mediocre closer Brandon Morrow, but clearly they were falling short.

They seem to have picked it up tonight, however, in Oakland.  The Rays are leading 7–0 in the third inning as I am writing this.  Clearly this is a make–up for yesterday’s blanking.  They left the bases loaded for about the 20th time this season, but had already scored five runs in that inning, so they get a bit of a pass.  Scott Kazmir just needs to shut it down now.

I wrote this brief update as the weekend finally arrives, but I still have finals work to do for school as the last full week before finals week is coming up and projects a long way from finished are close to their due dates.  Until next time, go Rays.


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