Manny Ramirez Suspended For 50 Games

We have lost another one.

With the Alex Rodriguez steroid scandal still making daily news, Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Manny Ramirez was suspended for 50 games due to a positive test for a banned substance, reportedly a drug than can be used for testosterone production following a steroid cycle.  Ramirez has been said to be a future Hall of Famer by everyone in the game, having hit 533 home runs with a .315 batting average.  He also holds the lead for most career postseason home runs.

Ramirez explained this as an outside physician prescribing him medicine for a “personal illness,” then taking it before testing positive.  He has released a concilatory statement, owning up to this mishap more so than Rodriguez likely ever will.  He passed 15 drug tests in the previous five years, but we don’t know how strong that case really is now.

Whether or not he did use anything illegal prior to 2009, Ramirez’s image is likely tainted forever.  Some people never forget these things, no matter how apparently minor the infraction is.  This is not as egregious as Rodriguez or Jose Canseco, or even Roger Clemens, but many fans and writers will see it as substantial enough to keep him away from the Hall of Fame.

I don’t think this is the single largest performance enhancement story ever, or even this year; it’s just that a huge name was busted and suspended.  I don’t know how Manny will look in the long run after his return and eventual retirement, but it certainly is not looking up right now.

One comment

  1. cubsjunkie2

    If anyone should be suspended it should be Aroid. That guy is a ******* in my eyes. The only way to get rid of PEDs in baseball is to eliminate ALL problems. Manny should be the start and they should next move on to Aroid.

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