Citrus Series Game Three: Marlins Walk Off

The Rays came ever so close to sweeping the Marlins right out of Margaritaville, but failed to drive in runners and lost 5–4 in 11 innings.

The bases were left loaded in the ninth inning by Ben Zobrist.  Maybe the magic only works when he pinch–hits.  Perhaps that is why Joe Maddon doesn’t start him everyday.

Here is my message to the entire Rays offense…


You have done this far, far too many times this season.  Sure, there have been some nice outbursts and a few grand slams.  But clearly, it is not good enough.  The Marlins showed you what to do with the bases loaded today when they walked off against you.  If you all would just drive in runs, regardless of how many outs there are or who you’re up against, we would not be having these problems.

But in today’s game, the early stages take the blame for the loss every bit as much as the end.  James Shields should never have given up those three second inning runs.  Especially one on an RBI single by a pitcher who doesn’t hit half his weight.  That is just embarrassing.  That inning burned us possibly even more than the bad finish did.

Carl Crawford Watch: On a positive note, Carl stole two more bases today to make it 28–for–28 this season.  He has now stolen 30 bases in a row dating back to last season.  The second one today came on a pitchout when everyone knew it was coming.  That is just blinding speed beating someone.  It wasn’t his fault the Rays lost.

Jason Bartlett also stole a base, his 14th in 15 attempts.

And the Braves swept the Blue Jays, yey.

The Rays now travel up to Cleveland to finish the job they started last weekend.  David Price makes his season debut on the mound tomorrow evening.  Happy Memorial Day everyone, and until next time, go Rays.

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