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<![CDATA[First and foremost, I am a Tampa Bay Rays fan. That's still a minority group, but I have remained a do–or–die supporter of my hometown team, which I have been since day one, when they played their first game (as the Devil Rays) when I was 10 years old. Fred McGriff and Wade Boggs were my favorite players then, and now guys like Carl Crawford and James Shields are leading the way on this new and exciting Rays team. I was actually a Braves fan when I first got into baseball at the age of seven, the year they won the World Series. While I'm still a huge fan of them and love seeing them beat the Mets, the Rays are my hometown team and the team I want to see take down the Yankees and Red Sox duopoly. The future looks up for this franchise, and I'll be right there when they finally become a World Championship team, just as I was right there throughout that amazing 2008 season.

Personally, I'm Brenton, a 22–year–old college student, formerly studying Web Design & Interactive Media but now majoring in Communication and minoring in Journalism. I am currently a sportswriter and blogger for The University of Tampa’s newspaper, The Minaret, and I am an aspiring television or radio journalist. I love baseball and football (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) in their respective seasons, and I'm also interested in blogs and the Internet as a whole. My other interests include TV, music, comedy, food and my vacations from school. I also like to think I do a good impersonation of Rays announcer Dewayne Staats. For more on my personal life, see my MySpace. For more on Rays baseball, keep it right here (on 620… WDAE!).]]>


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