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I Am an Actual Sportswriter Now

OK, so it’s for the college newspaper, but it pays and gets published, plus I like the job.  I am now on the sports writing staff for The Minaret, the University of Tampa’s official publication.  I have written my first blog entry, with more to come soon, at http://minaretsports.wordpress.com.  I will be contributing regularly as a blogger and a reporter.  I’ll see if I can cover Rays FanFest next week.  That would be a fun article to write.

Until next time, go Rays (and Spartans).

Rays Soundly Defeat Los Angeles of Anaheim

The series opener against the Angels was a great one to watch, regardless of how late it was in Florida.  In the second inning, the Rays made team history when Evan Longoria, Willy Aybar and Dioner Navarro became the first Rays to ever hit back–to–back–to–back home runs in a regular season game, doing so against Joe Saunders.  Edwin Jackson let the lead get away to 4–3 in the fourth inning, but the Rays responded with a five–run inning their next time up and they never turned back.  Jackson picked up the victory as the Rays beat the Angels 13–4 to give Joe Maddon, who worked in the Angels organization for 31 years, his first road win at Angels Stadium.  Saunders is now 9–3, and 0–2 against the Rays.  There are just some pitchers that this team owns.  Jackson is 4–5 after overcoming a few winless starts.  Longoria hit two home runs in the presence of friends and family in his native California.  Speaking of Californians, the pride of Newhall, James Shields, goes up against Jered Weaver in a battle of young aces tonight.  Shields already has a one–hit shutout of the Angels on his record this season.

As the Rays continue to wage battles with a very good team in their house, I'll briefly pause to thank Stephanie of the Marmol–ade Cubs blog for giving me my first plug from another MLBlogger.  Well, I plugged hers first, but it was nice of her to return the favor.  So thank you again.  I am now a Cubs fan.  Well, after the Braves and Rays are finished with them next week, then we'll talk.  It would make my mom's family proud — it is my grandma’s birthday today and she does need a gift.  So where are everyone else’s plugs?  I’ll get another one about a year from now.

I am giving a speech, the “final project,” in my Principles of Communication class tomorrow night.  I have decided to make it about the Rays' new Waterfront Stadium, which is on its way onto the St. Petersburg ballots.  I'll be telling people what benefits the stadium brings to the team and the city, where the money is coming from, and that they're fascists if they vote against it.  Maybe not the last part, but I could give that message a bit more indirectly.

You know what I haven't had in a while?  Big League Chew.

I'll be back soon as the Rays hopefully continue to average 13 runs per game.  They really do need to win by a little more than nine every game, the bullpen without Percival scares me just a bit.  [/sarcasm]  I write early in the morning and end up publishing random comedy.  Maybe I should do it more often.  Let's just say, until next time, go Rays.

First Overall Draft Pick and Free Plugs

Good evening Rays fans.  While the team is in Arlington playing the Rangers, I thought I would go ahead and discuss the Rays' first overall Draft pick for 2008, Griffin High School (Georgia) shortstop Tim Beckham.  While the Draft is gravitating increasingly towards the collegiate ranks, I don't mind seeing great high school players being taken at the top of the board.  As a matter of fact, I consider it an advantage.  Get a guy in the system when he's 18 years old, and if he takes five years to come up to the big team, he's still only 23 when he does it.  Just as long as you get the right personality (i.e. anybody other than Delmon Young), it works.  Tim Beckham fits the bill perfectly.

I looked at his stats and scouting reports (good, detailed pages can be found through the links), and I must say he looks like a great pick right now.  Beckham has very good speed and baserunning ability, stealing 16 bases in 24 games in his senior season with the Griffin Bears.  He also stole 32 bases in traveling competition with the best players of his age in the country.  He hit .409 during that time, as well as .500 in his senior high school year and .512 as a junior.  Out of 39 hits this season, nine were doubles, three triples, and five home runs.  He also had an amazing 22:5 walk–strikeout ratio, showcasing patience to go with his extra–base power and good speed.  The same speed, combined with quick hands, also makes for solid defense at a crucial position.  He has very good range in getting to the ball and throwing out runners.  He has huge five–tool potential and still has years to combine tools with baseball instinct, which he is already doing.  He does everything right on the field.  Perhaps the best part about him, however, is that he shows no character issues and comes off as a nice, team–first guy.  He has no ego and still has the mentality that baseball is fun.  He'll be a very exciting player.  We'll see him and love him in a few years.

Now it's time to do something I have not yet done before.  Until now, that is.  It's time that I go ahead and plug some other blogs and bloggers here at MLBlogs who can use attention for their skills and observations.  Sure, maybe two or three people read this blog, but I would be eternally grateful for any return plugs that I may receive.

http://raysrenegade.mlblogs.com Rays Renegade views from Rightfield – This guy is on the Fan Wall of Fame for the Rays, so he's certainly worth listening to.

http://the6–4–3.mlblogs.com The 6–4–3 – Here's another Rays blogger who has his own unique way of writing about our team.

http://englandrays.mlblogs.com Rays From Across The Pond – A British Rays supporter — this team is now going global.  This blogger should start his own fan club.

http://corre.mlblogs.com Corre from Tampa Bay – A die–hard local Rays fan who needs support for his support of the team.

http://yourenotagolfer.mlblogs.com Obviously, You're Not a Golfer – Probably the funniest blog name I've ever seen.  It comes from an enthusiastic Cardinals fan.

http://redstatebluestate.mlblogs.com Red State, Blue State – A Cardinals fan and a Tigers fan talk about their teams, and often debate each other.  I think it's an interesting idea.

http://steponme.mlblogs.com Marmol–ade – One of the more creative blog names I've seen here, and a recently featured blog on the home page.  A teenage Cubs girl knows more than her male contemporaries.  Don't you just love it when girls get into baseball?  I know I do.

http://alyssa.mlblogs.com *touch* 'em all – My favorite celebrity blog, that of Dodgers fan and talented actress Alyssa Milano.  She has very well written and thought out opinions on her team, not to mention a strong desire for all things baseball.

OK, so now that my mandatory plug session is over, I'll be back for more next year.  Before that much time passes, however, I will return for more of Rays–Rangers and its aftermath.  Until then, go Rays.

New MLBlogs Design

The revamping of MLBlogs after three years has finally happened.  From what I’ve seen so far, it looks great.  They have updated to the new Rays colors and team logo, which now launches my blog from the pit of 2007 right into 2008.  I think the blogs look a little more organized now, with more options as to searching archives and more creative design.  Putting the side menu on the right side is probably a good move, seeing as people read from left to right, and the information would be best suited on the left, just how I usually see it in newspaper articles.  Most importantly, perhaps, its posting application is just as easy as it was before with a very useful Movable Type interface.  This definitely reminds me of places like Blogspot, and that’s not a bad thing.  I don’t see any real problems with this new MLBlogs system yet, so hopefully they keep up this great work, and until next time, go Rays.